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We are working hard to get ready for the season. The website is actively being updated so you may notice quite a few changes as we get things properly setup to best serve everybody.


2015-02-25 21:52:35 admin

Umpires -

First, thanks again for your patience as we tried unsuccessfully to get our clinic in this past weekend.  The weather just would not cooperate.  As we know from the game of softball, we must now try to implement the best alternative as our first choice is gone.  Please review all the information in this message carefully.

We have rescheduled our 38th Annual Clinic for March 28 and 29 at the same sites.  The clinic will open Saturday with a session from 9AM to 4PM at St. Rita School for the Deaf in Evendale. It concludes the following day, Sunday, with a session from 9AM until 1PM.  Please note that the Sunday session will be at Mid America Ballyard.  St. Rita School for the Deaf is conveniently located on Glendale-Milford Road just off I-75 (Exit 14).  Mid America Ballyard is located at the corner of Blue Rock and East Miami River Road in Colerain Township. 

As in the past we will have programs for both fast and slow pitch each day.  We realize that some of you may have conflicts with college and high school games (especially on Saturday and weather permitting) and as a result if you need to come for part of the day, before or after that game, we understand.

Also, if you have not yet mailed us your ASA registration fee of $55 please feel free to bring that to a weekly meeting or mail your check, payable to Cincinnati ASA Umpires, to the ASA umpire office at 3016 Ambler Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45241.  Don’t forget to include your registration form and for those working JO games your background check authorization form.  These are readily available at cincinnatiasa.com.  Due to the inclement weather we will not be imposing the $10 late fee until March 30.

As most of you know our cincinnatiasa.com website is the place to go for the latest ASA information.  Visit that site to review the meeting dates for our weekly meetings and also for information on the National Umpire School – don’t forget the early registration discount for the NUS runs through March.  The NUS information is on the website – click on the umpire tab.

Lastly, we are still in need of new umpires – please help with our recruiting.  Our new umpire class is March 21 and 22 – the registration information is on the home page of the website.

Again, thanks for your cooperation and understanding.  We’ll see you soon!


Jerry Fick
East Central Regional Umpire In Chief
ASA/USA Softball
3016 Ambler Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
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OHSAA/ASA Softball Umpire Class

2015-02-19 10:11:35 gdrach
Attached is information on our Umpire FastPitch classes for this year.  This is an accelerated classroom and participation school designed to help new umpires learn as quickly as possible and an opportunity to obtain your OHSAA officiating permit and ASA registration in a two day session and in time to start the season!
Jerry Fick
East Central Regional Umpire In Chief
ASA/USA Softball
3016 Ambler Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

doc icon All-Ohio-Softball-Umpires-School-Cincinnati-2015.doc

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2015 Umpire Information

2015-01-27 13:21:30 gdrach
Please read the attached documents, there are changes that affect us all.

David C. Maury
Cincinnati ASA Commissioner

doc icon ASA-Cincinnati-Umpire-Letter-2015.doc
doc icon ASA-Cincinnati-Umpire-Info-Form-2015-Rev.docx
pdf icon ASA-Background-Check-Authorization-2015.pdf
doc icon ASA-Cincinnati-National-Umpire-School-Flyer-2015.doc

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