Bollinger Insurance


For information concerning all types of insurance from teams to field liability, for clinic and special events go to If you do not find your answer there contact your Local Commissioner.

If you have Bollinger’s Insurance and have an injury, YOUR COMMISSIONER can sign off on the claim form. If your league handles insurance, KEEP following up to make sure it is getting sent in. Each year parents come saying they never received claim payments. When it is investigated, it is that the coach, league, or hospital has not filed it. Check all of this prior to contacting the Commissioner.

Claim forms can be obtain from the Bollinger Insurance site on line, for players and umpires. ASA recommends Bollinger’s insurance BECAUSE it covers your team to and from practice, at games, to and from tournaments. If the entire league takes it and the field liability insurance then you league officers are covered. DID you know as an officer of a league and there is a lawsuit against the league, as an officer, you could lose your home and all your possessions?

Well you can. Why not be covered

Below are various links to help you understand the insurance required and provided through ASA.

2013 ASA Guide to the Insurance Program