Umpire Clinics and Schools

Why Attend an ASA Umpire Clinic or School?

NEW: 2015 National Umpire School Flyer for Cincinnati May 2015

By attending a clinic, school, or camp, you will be getting the current and accurate ASA rulings, interpretations, and mechanics instruction that are available at that time.

Local meetings are up to one or two hours long. The local umpire association will cover new rules changes and will register umpires to work. These meetings are mostly housekeeping umpire issues with a very brief discussion from ASA. Associations are encouraged to invite ASA Umpire Staff to the meeting to cover new ASA items.

Clinics are designed to cover all levels of experience, but specifically new or less experienced umpires. The amount of time and participant experience determines the amount of information and the detail covered. Basic information is covered through brief lectures and demonstrations. Participants then have the opportunity to perform what has been demonstrated on the field or in a gym. Clinics take approximately 6 to 8 hours and may be over multiple days.

Schools and Camps are designed for experienced umpires. Umpires from around the region pay a nominal fee to attend the school. Typically 75-100 umpires attend these types of schools and the local association and state pay for national staff members to come teach, lecture, and network with the campers during the event. There will be a rules test as well which is new this past year for ASA. The week long school is more expense.  You go to an area that will have teams play games and you have lectures about two and three person mechanics. You attend lectures in the morning and play games in the afternoon. Schools and camps typically take up from a week to a weekend of the umpire’s time.

Go here for all currently scheduled ASA National Umpire Schools


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